We do Networks

Omegalaud is an agile and highly efficient IT company offering over thirty years cross-industry experience and proven analytical, technical and programming expertise. We provide businesses with custom IT infrastructure; Network security assessment; Scalable cloud solutions; Robust intra-networks; Multi-location VPN networks including interstate and multi-country; Hardware and software solutions; Managed IT support and an Exceptional 24/7 customer service.

We have substantial experience in designing, building and supporting multi-location networks that operate 24/7 and handle large volume of data in real time in the highly regulated and privacy/security sensitive medical and pharmacy environment.

Our expert advise will equip you with resources and know-how to help your business evolve and stay competitive. We will make sure that your decisions are based on up to date information about the latest advancement in technology. We will help you make the most of cloud technologies by providing you with the necessary cloud services.

Reliability and dependability are our upmost strengths and our promise to you is that will never talk to a machine, listen to music on the phone or wait for days while your enquiry is being elevated to the next level. Instead, you will speak with a person who knows your network and is able to assist you the first time you call.